alliance of professional tattooists

 Adorned With Envy was opened on march 1st 2000, by Todd McInerney after closing Ancestral Marks where he had worked with his brother Duane since 1995.

  This studio has a relaxed atmosphere where anyone can feel comfortable. I have tried to blend the best aspects of a custom shop with a street shop where you can come make an appointment for a custom drawn tattoo or just walk in and pick something out.

  This is a state licensed and inspected facility. I have always worked very hard to maintain a high standard for cleanliness, and safety for all body modifications done here. I am also an Alliance of Professional Tattooist member. Which is a non-profit organization focused on education of safe tattooing methods.                            

  To learn more about the A.P.T. Please visit          

 I am very comfortable with all styles of tattoo, some of my favorites are portraits,traditional, new school, japanese, color, black and gray, realism, surrealism and hot rod rock-a-billy. Please check out my portfolio and get a hold of me if you have any questions.

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