Metal Mafia body jewelry Piercing shop selection some of the large selection of body jewelry cute belly button jewely tunnels, gauges and streched lobes oh, my!  basic body jewelry, circular barbells, curved bars, 14k gold captives organic, blackline titanium and industrial barbell body jewelry nipple sheilds, microdermal piercing jewelry and dermal anchor tops Necklaces ? most piercing places don't have those eyebrow and lip piercing jewelry on sale lots of piercing places in the ear

  We carry a large selection of quality body jewelry for almost any piercing from ear lobes to microdermal anchors and everything in between.  This piercing studio likes to keep unique selection of jewelry so you don’t see a dozen of your friends wearing the same thing, unless you’d like to order one for everybody ! We also stock plenty of everyday essential jewelry great for day to day wear. Metal Mafia offers many ways to interchange pieces for custom jewelry, stop by and ask us how.

steadfast brand clothing Ink Addict line of clothes t-shirts stickers tattooed selfies

We carry a limited quantity of tattooed lifestyle clothing, once again you don’t want to many of your friends with the same one. T-shirts, stickers and sometimes hoodies… We don’t just sell it, we wear it.

piercing aftercare rockin what we sell neilmed piercing aftercare H2Ocean tattoo aftercare

We carry all of your Tattoo and Piercing aftercare needs. Neilmed piercing aftercare in both stream and mist, H2Ocean tattoo lotion. We also use Tegaderm bandages for the easiest tattoo healing you have ever experienced. Ask us more about healing a tattoo with Tegaderm.